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Professional tailoring since 1930

Founded in 1930, the company has been making trousers from day one. Along the years we have gained strong expertise in this activity and reached a high level of quality. Borélio was originally created by a Belgian engineer, and is now led by the founder’s grandson. Today still, our family company values prevail. Borélio has always put a lot of importance on innovation to constantly improve quality and always offer a more innovating service. For that reason, we now sell sportswear trousers. These are tailor-made or in limited edition.

Borélio is the perfect combination of tailor and industrial skills to produce high quality trousers. We work in two different ways.

Tailor-made: Unique in Europe, this offer allows you to create and customise your sportswear trousers thanks to more than 200 special features to make a unique pair.

By Range: You can create your own range of trousers with an even more impressive choice of finishing touches for a pair that looks like you.


With a wide choice of fabrics, an impressive colour range and customised finishing touches, Borélio offers you the possibility to create your pair of trousers in the finest details. We can say it with confidence. Our name stands for quality and service.

We work with the best brands for fabric in order to bring you a quality product, they are:

We put a lot of importance in checking our fabric stock in order to offer you the best service at any moment.


We have developed models to answer all your needs, classic straight cut, a slimmer cut for fashion models and also some really slim trousers, but you always have the possibility to adjust the height of your product to opt for a low-cut or a high-cut.
At Borélio, you can always customise 100% of your trousers.


The photos presented to you on the website join the creativity of all our customers.
It's up to you to build, with your inspiration on it new ideas to combine specifications and fabrics.
On this way you create the most beautiful clothing who will satisfy and charm your clients.


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